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Stock Markets vs. Surface Ion Ratio Forecast

The following show the comparison of the Surface Ion Ratio Forecast
vs. the actual Stock Market Data for: 
Dow Jones Ind., Nasdaq, S&P 500 and TSE 300. 

The Surface Ion Ratio Forecast has not been modified in any way from the original forecast prior to the actual time period, other than by subtracting weekends and holidays.

A Solar Shock Wave Event on Monday Jan 24th at 1:38pm EST  is expected to be the cause of the world markets dropping above and beyond the Forecasted Ion Ratio for Jan. 24th., A similar shock wave event happened on Dec. 18, 1995 which also caused the markets to plunge. For further info click on the Solar Shock Wave link provided on this page. Solar Shock Wave

On Friday Jan. 28th, the U.S. Government release two reports before the opening bell that could cause the Fed. to raise interest rates next week to control inflation. The economy grew .7% above analyst expectations and the Employment cost index rose .2% above analysts expectations. These market factors will counter any Ion Ratio effect. 

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