Positive Ion Ban Proposal

By Guy Cramer, April 16, 2004

Recent use and proposals of large-scale devices and arrays to modify natural ion charges at ground level are capable of inflicting detrimental side effects over large areas in the general human population as well as the animal kingdom. From military installations such as HAARP in Alaska as the probable trigger of a geophysics storm a week after the events of September 11th, 2001 to globally increase positive ions thereby causing a psychological change in the financial markets to recover from the previous week, to a recent government approved rainmaker device IOLA (Ionization of the Local Atmosphere) in Texas based on Russian technology called Provaqua. Officials said they hope will increase rainfall in Laredo and the Rio Grande Basin from 15 to 300 percent.


The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is a congressionally initiated program jointly managed by the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy.  

The HAARP complex is situated within a 23-acre lot in a relatively isolated region near the town of Gakona, Alaska. It consists of 180 towers, 72 feet in height, forming a "high-power, high frequency phased array radio transmitter" capable of beaming in the 2.5-10 megahertz frequency range, at more than 3 gigawatts of power (3 billion watts).

Currently HAARP in this capacity (as it has a number of purposes) could be referred to as a geophysics weapon of mass influence, given the ability to change the charges in the ionosphere on a global scale or target a large area in the northern hemisphere using the ionosphere as a mirror to bounce radio waves back down with a focused polarity, could be used in psychological warfare. To hit global targets HAARP uses the moon as a mirror to reflect the signal back to a specific target location as long as the moon is mutually visible at both HAARP and the target.

The U.S. appear to have successfully used this tactic on Baghdad, Iraq in 2003 when they had the city surrounded but held off entering for a few days. HAARP was triggered at a specific time for a few hours just prior to the Americans entering the city, which coincided with mutual moon visibility between HAARP in Alaska and Baghdad. This was likely based on research during the Afghanistan conflict where fighters surrendered on mass in whole cities on specific days when natural ion polarity were high in positive ion ratios. If HAARP was used in this capacity, the Americans probably saved hundreds or more likely thousands of lives in Baghdad with the activation of HAARP to change the psyche of the people in the city, taking the fight out of them allowing the Americans to quickly take the city without the large scale urban warfare most were expecting.  

Artificial positive ions targeting leaves only slight physical evidence that it is being used or that it has been used, as there is no visual, audible, taste or smell that would indicate use. However ion counters would be able to measure these changes but then again it would be hard to determine if it was artificial or natural in origin.


The Provaqua generators spew waves of "single-charged" ions into the sky that have either a positive or negative charge. The technology involves using a number of towers to emit ionizing wave emissions over 300 square Kilometers of Texas and Mexico that provoke rainfall by causing a more rapid condensation of ambient water vapor particle nuclei to each other. In the United Arab Emirates, IOLA is said to have increased rain more than 200 percent.

The lack of public knowledge about the dynamics of ions as they relate to people and animals allows these projects to continue without proper public understanding.

Air Ion Studies

Over 5000 studies on air ions have been done around the world indicating that a predominance of negative ions in the air are beneficial and that more positive ions are detrimental to both people and animals.

The Federal Aviation Administration studying complaints of air traffic controllers that worked around radar consoles produced a report two-and-a-half inches thick. The conclusions: “Atmospheric ions can affect the health, well being, efficiency, emotions, and mental attitude of human beings. The particular effect varies with the polarity and size of the ions. Negative ions are being called ‘happy ions’ whereas positive ions are being called ‘grouchy ions.’”

Bruce L. Rosenberg of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)(ref) confirmed that flight control operators overwhelmingly experienced the same symptoms currently being reported by VDT (Video Display Terminals) operators. Air traffic control operators, like VDT operators, are exposed to cathode ray tubes (CRTs) in the radar control centers around the country. Mr. Rosenberg endeavored to discover if the incident of stress, fatigue, and skin irritation, etc. could, indeed, be attributed to the excessive, self-induced ion imbalance produced by the equipment and other factors in flight control centers. His findings did, in fact, confirm previous isolated studies and resulted in his recommendation to regulate ion levels, particularly negative ions, in all flight control centers. He further recommended negative ion levels in atmospheres should not be allowed to drop below 500 ions per cubic centimeter of air and that this threshold standard should also be applied to commercial aircraft compartments. "A Study of Atmospheric Ionization," Bruce L. Rosenberg. National Aviation Facilities Experimental Center (Federal Aviation Administration). Atlantic City, New Jersey (May 1972).

While studies show 25% of the general population are greatly affected by ion ratio imbalances a further 50% are somewhat affected, it is important to note that all people react to ions in one way or another, no one is immune, some people have the biochemical ability to counter some of the influences, but not all of them.

Effects of Negative Air Ionization

In the second half of the 20th century studies began to appear specifically stating the helpful biological effects of negative air ions. According to Pogrund (Sulman, p. 165), the reported physiological effects of negative air ionization include:

1. Decreased respiratory rate

2. Decreased basal metabolic rate

3. Decreased blood pressure

4. Produced a feeling of well being

5. Increased vital capacity

6. Decreased skin temperature

7. Acceleration of the conversion of succinate to fumerate

8. Stimulation of cytochrome

9. Decreased eosinophilia and lymphocyte count

10. Increased CO2 combing power of plasma

11. Decreased blood sedimentation rate

12. Decreased muscle chronaxie

13. Increased ciliary activity

14. Increased frequency of mitosis

15. Increased resistance to infection

16. Suggested as therapy in chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, migraine, insomnia, tuberculosis, wound and burn healing, asthma, hay fever, emphysema, bronchitis, conjunctivitis, chlorine gas poisoning, preventing thromboembolism.

In studies conducted by the Air Ion Research Laboratory at the University of California, evidence show that negative air ions kill many forms of molds and bacteria. The microorganisms eliminated by negative ionization include those that cause cholera and typhoid fever (Krueger, p. 4).

Negative ionization also appears to promote plant growth and shorten the time required for some plants to reach maturity. Reduction of negative ions is reported to decrease growth rates and cause the same plants to droop (Krueger, p. 4).

There is an established link between negative air ionization and the fluctuation of seratonin levels in humans and animals. Among other functions, seratonin causes the smooth muscles of the respiratory system to contract (Jokl, p. 238, Sulman, p. 162).

Negative ionization has been shown to decrease seratonin; however, positive ionization increases seratonin levels (Kreuger, p. 5).

Effects of Positive Air Ionization

Whereas negative ionization is generally considered to be beneficial, positive air ions appear to cause harmful effects (Sulman, p. 160). According to Pogrund (Sulman, p. 165), the reported physiological effects of positive air ionization include:

1. Inhibition of growth of tissue cell cultures

2. Increased respiratory rate

3. Increased basal metabolism

4. Increased blood pressure

5. Produced headache, fatigue, nausea

6. Produced nasal obstructions, sore throat, dizziness

7. Increased skin temperatures

8. Depressed rate of ciliary activity

9. Increased muscle chronaxie

10. Altered alpha wave of the EEG

11. Reduced succinic oxidase activity in the adrenals

12. Increased the blood level of 5-hydroxytryptamine

When positively ionized oxygen molecules are inhaled they have a very strong effect on lung function. Positively charged oxygen ions cause a reduction in respiratory capacity, which results in diminished resistance to stress and reduced mental ability (Sulman, p. 339).

Positive ionization in the atmosphere results in part from the collisions of normal air molecules with dust particles and by friction between different cloud layers. Positive ionization always precedes certain types of weather fronts by one or two days, because electricity moves faster than the weather that generates it (Sulman, p. 339).

The problems of positive ionization are also associated with the phenomena known as "evil winds" such as the sharav in Israel, the foehn in Europe, and the Santa Ana winds in southern California (Sulman, p. 341). Effects associated with these winds include stress reaction, thyroid problems, breathing difficulties, disrupted biorhythms, and an increase in aches and pains (Sulman, p. 144).

Side effects from positive ions winds (such as the Chinook wind in Calgary and the Santa Ana winds in southern California) compiled by a Swiss meteorological report in 1974 are as follows:

Physical side effects: Body pains, sick headaches, dizziness, twitching of the eyes, nausea, fatigue, faintness, disorders in saline (salt) budget with fluctuations in electrolytical metabolism (calcium and magnesium; critical for alcoholics), water accumulation, respiratory difficulties, allergies, asthma, heart and circulatory disorders (heart attacks approx. 50% higher) low blood pressure, slowing down in reaction time, more sensitivity to pain, inflammations, bleeding embolisms of the lungs, and thrombosis.

Psychological side effects: Emotional unbalance, irritation, vital disinclination, compulsion to meditate, exhaustion, apathy, disinclination or listlessness toward work (poor school achievement), insecurity, anxiety, depression (especially after age forty to fifty); rate of attempted suicide about 20% higher, larger number of admittance's to clinics in drug cases.


Given just the evidences in this paper, which is far from exhaustive on the subject, I believe that the governments need to consider implementing “a ban on any devices that purposely produces or triggers an influx of positive ions” to protect the health and welfare of humans and animals.

It is unlikely that a ban on these devices would or should affect HAARP or other military arrays. HAARP appears to be used with a great deal of restraint and thought. If HAARP is ever confirmed as the trigger for Baghdad bombardment of positive ions prior to entry of U.S. Forces it undoubtedly needs to be recognized for minimizing casualties.



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