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May 26, 2005 Planetary Solar Mirrors

April 16, 2004: Positive Ion Ban Proposal

Feb 20, 2004: Breaking News: Developer of Algorithm is issued Patent for HyperStealth "Passive Negative Ion Generator"

Feb 2, 2004: Top Stock: shows 700% plus gains (non-compounded) in 48 months of back testing algorithm.

January 29, 2004 Predicting Volatility: Stress about Iraq war counters system

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May  12, 2001 QQQ Review: How has the Advanced Monthly Method worked lately?

May 29, 2001 Review of Infospace (INSP): Which Phantom stock has showed some of the best gains with the Advanced Monthly Service Method?

May 31, 2001 Overriding Events (SORE)   

June 1, 2001 Review of (PCLN); Theoretically, how long could it take to turn a Million dollars into a Billion dollars trading phantom stock using the Advanced Premium Monthly Service?

June 4, 2001 NHL 2000/01 Stanley Cup Final Playoff Review: Two Goaltenders oppositely affected by the Ion Ratios makes for easy forecasting of the Stanley Cup Final games.

June 5, 2001 Review: NBA 2000/01 Finals

June 6, 2001 Review: NASCAR 2001 What wins auto races; Drivers or Vehicles?

Sept. 13, 2001 ALERT

Sept. 24, 2001 Saved by the Storm

Oct. 3, 2001 HAARP Defensive Economic Warfare

Oct. 11, 2001 Large Scale Anthrax Attack may be Countered by HAARP

Oct. 17, 2001 Special Report: HyperStealth develops a Countermeasure to opening Mail that may contain Harmful Biological, Chemical, and Radioactive Particles Internet Wire

Oct. 30, 2001 HAARP array may use Moon as a reflector to reach distant targets on Earth to create Nuclear-Sized Explosions Without Radiation!

Nov 3, 2001 Trade War with Canada results in dramatic U.S. Economic Depression scenario

Dec 8, 2001 SuperForce Top 20 list for Dec 2001 and Volatility Index correlation

Dec 10, 2001 SuperForce Top 20 Long Orders Only for the past three months

Dec 11, 2001 SuperForce Premium Trading method with the Dow 30 Stocks for 2001

Dec 18, 2001 SuperForce Top 20 Lists (Non-Subscribers Version) Now tracking 600 companies

Dec 19, 2001 SuperForce Currency Trading 2001 Tracking 16 world currencies

Jan 15, 2002 Canadian Top 20 Lists: TSE 35 Top 35 companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange

Jan 19, 2002 Earnings Warnings and Stock Performance vs. Ion Ratios

Jan 29, 2002 Markets fall due to rare Solar Shock Wave

Jan 30, 2002 SuperForce Top 100 list for 600 companies

Feb 7, 2002 Special Olympic Report: Secret Russian Sports Weapon Disclosed

Feb 28, 2002 SuperForce Top 100 lists for 600 companies

May 13, 2002 SuperForce Top 100 lists for 596 companies

October 30, 2002 Predicting Volatility

November 6, 2002 Predicting Indexes: 34 months of back testing the SuperForce Algorithm with the AMEX, DOW, NASDAQ, Russell 2000, NYSE, S&P and Philadelphia Major Indexes

January 11, 2003 Behavioral Economics

Feb 9, 2003 Shuttle Columbia Disaster: Wrong Place, Wrong Time!

Feb 21, 2003 Three Years of back-testing the algorithm on 600 stocks

January 29, 2004 Predicting Volatility: Stress about Iraq war counters system

Feb 2, 2004: Top Stock: shows 700% plus gains (non-compounded) in 48 months of back testing algorithm.

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