I have been a police officer for 8 years. Almost all of my time has been spent working the streets. I work in a community that has a dense population and faces all the problems of big city crime and small town attitude. In this diverse city I have come into work and found that what is supposed to be a quiet Sunday nightshift has turned into a battle. Officers are travelling all over the city responding emergency mode dealing with all sorts of people. And there are the Saturday nights that officers come into work. On the way into work the young and ambitious officers are pumped up and excited about the "fun-filled" night to follow. Then it's just like someone turned the "Off" switch to the city. Officers scramble over each other to deal with a barking dog complaint. I'm sure all of us have experienced the same thing.

When I use the Positive Vs Negative Ion indicator, it is amazing how predictable the graph is. It doesn't seem to matter if it is a Saturday, Tuesday or Sunday Night. There are other obvious forces at work. I can confidently look at the score out of 10 for Positive Ions. If it's a High Positive day, I know it will be a busy shift. A real asset to policing and police management. Thank you.

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Thank you for the wonderful articles on the effect of positive ions, I think you may have helped me. I have been suffering with severe migraine attacks 2-3 times a week for the last year after a head injury. I've been keeping a headache journal on a calendar for the last 2 months looking for possible triggers. Accidentally I came across your site because I actively trade the markets. To my surprise, my attacks follow your weekly forecasts almost to the hour at times. Doctors keep insisting on amitriptyline (anti-depressant) to help with the migraines. Am I reading your articles correctly, in that a high
serotonin level will actually make this condition worse? On these positive ion days, and taking the drug on a daily basis, I have severe attacks that put me to bed for hours. As the red zone turns down to the green zone I feel
wonderful with no head pain. ... Again, I sincerely thank you. I have been in the worst pain of my life and no doctors can help me. And yes, you are right, the markets surge on my most disabling days.

Thank you for your time, 
Jane (Email available only upon request)

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