Special 2011 Stanley Cup Report: Vancouver Canucks Robert Luongo's Kryptonite Discovered; it's Positive Ions

VANCOUVER, BC - June 9, 2011  -- A recent geomagnetic storm shows a direct correlation to the Vancouver Canucks primary goaltender, Robert Luongo and the 12 goals he allowed in the past two games in the Stanley Cup Finals - but there's better news for the battered Goalie - the storm is subsiding. The odd relationship between geomagnetic storms and sports performance isn't as hokey (not hockey) as one might initially assume.

A large Russian experiment during training of Track and Field athletes, Gymnasts, Swimmers and Boxers, decades ago confirmed that Negative Ion Generators could be used as a unique performance enhancement device that was proven to increase endurance levels by as much as 900%, balance coordination by 300%, and reaction time by 100%.

Positive Ions generally have the opposite effect on more than 75% of the population (people have been shown in studies to be adversely effected by Positive Ions). Luongo falls into this category and this geomagnetic storm has increased positive ions in the air we all breath during the past two games of the Stanley Cup Finals. Luongo - one of the best goal tenders in the NHL has nothing to counter the Positive ions - letting in 12 goals in the past two games - except to wait out the storm, which is showing signs of subsiding before game 5.

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Canadian ion scientist, Guy Cramer, has been studying the effects of ions on human behaviour for over 25 years. In this capacity, he has consulted for the NHL. In 1993 he confirmed that the Russians were still using these negative ion generators with the Russian Red Army and Olympic hockey teams as recently as 1989. This information was verified with former Russian hockey players now playing in the NHL. Naturally, Cramer was intrigued but not surprised by what he had discovered. He points out, "The Russians competed in their first international hockey tournament in 1958, only five years after the Czechs showed them how to play, and they won the world championship by beating the Canadians 7-2 in the final game. They literally skated our boys off their feet!" In the 1972 Summit Series between Canada and the Russians, Paul Henderson commented after the first game, "I worked really hard in training... by this time I was really gasping for air. And I look up and this Russian is standing beside me... not breathing at all... I just felt sick. I knew we'd been sucked in."

Conversely, Cramer has found that natural Ion levels are like ocean tides - "some days are high in negative ions - some are high in positive ions". He's discovered what causes these tides and has shown tremendous accuracy at forecasting not only these ion waves but also there association with athletic performance and even horse racing results.

However, like a rogue wave in the ocean the predictable ion tides also have their version of unpredictable giant waves, these typically are caused by solar storms which interact with earth as the solar wind passes by. The Proton Flux as measured by satellites above the Earth show us haw much positively charged energy is hitting our atmosphere, this in turn increases positive ions in the air you breath and in Robert Luongo's case is slowing down his reaction time at the worst possible time. Cramer points out that increasing positive ions in the air around some athletes is like placing kryptonite next to Superman - the hero is zapped of his power until you move the kryptonite away.

A much smaller portion of athletes get better on these positive ion days, positive ions trigger a stress hormone response and this in turn triggers the adrenaline gland - to counter the stress effects, in sports this provides an advantage but the adrenaline gland eventually becomes exhausted and you then fall into the 75% or higher group that show poorer performance on days which have increased positive ions.     

Do you want to know when Randy Johnson should be on his Game? When is Sammy or Mark capable of hitting a few homeruns?

Below is an actual graph that shows the correlation of L.A. Lakers, Shaquille O'Neal 2000/01 NBA Playoff Points per game vs. the Ion Ratio Forecast. *note: The Ion Ratio Forecast was given at least a day in advance of game times. 

25% of athletes perform better on Positive ion ratio days such as Driver Jeff Gordon Finishes during the first 13 races of the 2001 NASCAR season indicate below. His average finish place on positive days is 3.8 and his average finish place on negative days is 21.8

Below is an actual graph that shows the association between Pavel Bure's Year 2000 shot on goal per game vs. the Ion Ratio Forecast. *note: The Ion Ratio Forecast was given at least a day in advance of game times. 

Below is an actual graph that shows the correlation of New Jersey Devils Goal Tender, Martin Brodeur's 2000/01 Stanley Cup Playoff Goals Allowed per game vs. the Ion Ratio Forecast. *note: The Ion Ratio Forecast was given at least a day in advance of game times. 

Below is Tiger Woods 2000 season vs. the Ion Ratio Forecast. The forecast has not been changed other then subtracting 6 from the initial forecast (10-6= 4,  8-6 = 2, 6-6 = 0, 4-6 = -2, 2-6= -4 and 0-6 = -6) This does not change the line in any way and was done so the lines would be in the same area on the chart, as most pro golfers score in the minus territory. Individual Ion Ratio days on this chart will coincide with the other charts on this site for that same day. 

Below are the Finishing Results for Gander and the correlating Ion Ratio Forecat Click on the graph to go to the main Race Horses vs. Surface Ion Ratio Forecast page

Healthy athletes (and animals) are prone to "flipping", performing better for some period with positive ion days and one day flipping to perform better on negative days for a period of time (days, weeks) then flipping again. Due to this fact it is important to review the most recent days to forecast future performance. 

This may all sound a little far-fetched for the average sports fan, but the scientific community does recognize significant and measurable effects of ions on human behavior. An excess of positive ions produces detrimental effects both physically (headaches, dizziness, fatigue, circulatory disorders etc.) and mentally (irritation, apathy, anxiety, depression etc). Negative ions are beneficial, and can improve alertness, concentration and overall body function. These findings are based on research with air ions from groups and organizations such as Oxford University, RCA Laboratories, U.S. Air Force, Mercedes Benz, and the Swiss Bank... just to name a few of the more than 5000 studies. Negative ion generators/air purifiers are common household appliances found at many department and drug stores. The U.S. Navy uses these generators on the bridges of their ships to keep the command watch alert and energized.

Cramer's encyclopedic knowledge of ion-related information supports a rather suspicious theory. In his words, "The Americans discovered the Russian negative ion study in 1960, when U.S. intelligence translated the relevant documents (see abbreviated study notes attached). There is some anecdotal evidence that the U.S. may have used positive ions against the Russian Olympic hockey team during the 1980 Winter Olympics held in Lake Placid N.Y. They housed the Russians in a converted prison, and some of the key hockey players and the coach complained of symptoms that are associated with positive ion overdose. These positive ions would have taken away the advantage the Russians had built up training with negative ions. If the Americans used positive ions in the ventilation of the Russian accommodations to limit the Russians, then it is quite feasible that they could have used negative ions with their own U.S. team. The 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team beat the Russians and went on to win the Gold Medal, which is now remembered as one of the biggest moments in sports history. Interesting, isn't it?"

The Olympic Committee knows about negative ion training, and has never objected to it, primarily because there are no known side effects and its considered natural, "If you trained within 1/2 a mile of Niagara Falls you would be training in high levels of negative ions. Negative ion generators simulate this effect," adds Cramer. Negative ion training certainly has not been widely embraced by athletic trainers, as most believed the Russian study to be propaganda until Cramer confirmed the ongoing undisclosed program recently. The Russians have been taking advantage of their "secret weapon" for years, and have many medals and world championships to show for it.

The Russians used the generators in relative secrecy, keeping the athletes in the dark. Many athletes knew about the generators but it was never disclosed to them what the generators were actually for. The research concluded that the athletes would retain the increased abilities for one month away from the system so they never had to bring it with them to competitions, tournaments or the Olympics.

Cramer tried to encourage the NHL to adopt the Russian system, but soon discovered a new perspective on 'enhanced performance.' "The General Managers were concerned that the improvement in athletic ability would translate into higher salary demands by the players, which current revenue streams could not justify. Needless to say, it's a bit disheartening when you have something that works too well," confides Cramer.

Cramer is now applying his scientific expertise to two entrepreneurial ventures, as a cofounder of HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp., http://www.hyperstealth.com, and United Dynamics Corp., http://www.superforce.com.

HyperStealth produces and markets a unique design of a proprietary Passive Negative Ion Generator, for which the company has licensed the patent from Cramer. The passive negative ion generator is a lightweight unit which doesn't require a power source, that can also be clipped onto or sewn into clothing and is currently being tested with athletes, emergency workers, law enforcement officers and the Military. One elite Special Forces group in the U.S. has been using them since 2003.

HyperStealth hats with the Passive Negative Ion Generator installed within the material of the hat should be available in the Fall of 2011. However, Cramer makes no claims about the Passive Negative Ion Generator other than increased alertness, much research has been done on active negative ion generators (high powered sources), while the Passive Negative Ion Generator has not completed any blind studies with placebos by independent research. Recently, one research group in the U.S. has requested and been sent placebos (non working but identical devices) to compare with results from the real devices.

Cramer adds that the Chinese government officials had stated through channels that they want every Chinese athlete training with negative ions prior to the Olympics in Beijing 2008. Cramer informed a few contacts in the U.S. government of the Chinese comments and these people hinted that they would prefer little Chinese involvement with the new technology for the time being. 

United Dynamics operates a website, http://www.superforce.com, dedicated to forecasting the natural changing ion ratios in the atmosphere and correlating this data to various aspects of human behavior. With these forecasts, our Canadian scientist has been able to accurately predict trends in such activities as hockey and baseball games, golf tournaments, horse races and stock markets. In fact, phantom day trading experiments, ongoing for just over 2 years with world indexes and individual stocks using his system have yielded remarkable results.

According to Cramer, "By understanding how the molecular structure of the air we breathe can affect the way we feel and react, and by analyzing past trends in relation to ion ratio data, future predictions become logical when you know what the ion balance will be at any given time. An individual or team at the Olympics that performs below expectations may just be competing on the wrong day."

The events of September 11, 2001 changed the way SuperForce.com discloses the daily data. The factors that led to the discontinuation of the Daily and Monthly service after Sept 11th will remain undisclosed for security reasons. While the daily forecast is now available to U.S. Government, DOD and Special Forces sources only. The Premium service is logistically different than the daily data, which allows it to continue without impeding on security concerns.

The company now tracks 600 U.S. stocks and updates the table monthly http://superforce.com/top100/ review the previous 1 month and 12 months, as Cramer states, "your only as good as the latest correlation."

With the zero tolerance against banned substances so strictly and justifiably enforced by the Olympic Committee, perhaps it's time for more nations to take a closer look at ion training. Olympic Gold may be just a few extra breaths away.

Russian Ion-Athletics Study

Fact: In static endurance the gymnast control group had a decreased endurance after 25 days while the negative ion group showed a 46% improvement. The track and field control group’s static endurance improved 40% after 25 days while the negative ion track and field group improved by 192%.

Fact: In dynamic endurance the gymnasts had no control group but the negative ion gymnast showed an improvement of 87% over 25 days. In track and field the control group had a 24% improvement after 25 days while the negative ion group had a 240% improvement.

Fact: In reaction time the gymnast control group managed to shorten their response time by 11 milliseconds, while the gymnast negative ion group shortened theirs by 22 milliseconds. The track and field control reaction time shortened by 4.5% at the end of 25 days, while the track and field negative ion groups shortened by 16%.

Fact: The equilibrium results were 80-82% improvement after 25 days for the track and field control group, while the negative ion group improved by 145-333%.

Fact: One of the pertinent observations made after these studies was that the negative ion groups cheerfulness and vitality were increased notably, along with improvements in sleep and appetite. Studies showed that the negative ion groups also utilized vitamins B and C more effectively.

Fact: Studies done with male swimmers and boxers also showed no increase in muscle strength but negative ions dramatically improved endurance and quickness.

Guy Cramer is the President/CEO of HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. and President of United Dynamics Corp. he is a CCD (Camouflage, Concealment & Deception) Specialist, IT Analyst: Level 4, Inventor of the Passive Negative Ion Generator, World Expert on Air Ions as per NASA JPL. He has worked on projects with, NASA Headquarters, USMC, U.S. Army, US Navy, Senator John Warner's office while he was Chairman of the Armed Services Committee. Cramer also worked under the direct commission of King Abdullah II of Jordan. He is the former research assistant and grandson to Donald L. Hings, P.Eng, M.B.E. (Member of British Empire), C.M. (Order of Canada) inventor of the Walkie-Talkie prior to WWII. Cramer has designed over 9,000 camouflage patterns for over 34 countries and recently developed Smartcamo, a textile which can change color to match the surrounding environment.

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