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June 9, 2011 Special 2011 Stanley Cup Report: Vancouver Canucks Robert Luongo's Kryptonite Discovered; it's Positive Ions

Feb 7, 2002 Special Olympic Report: Secret Russian Sports Weapon Disclosed

Oct. 17, 2001 Special Report: HyperStealth develops a Countermeasure to opening Mail that may contain Harmful Biological, Chemical, and Radioactive Particles Internet Wire / E-Wire

June 28, 2001 Ions Threaten Stock Market Fundamentals
Internet Wire

Dec 6, 2000 24% of the U.S. Presidential Vote swayed by the Full Moon effect.  Internet Wire

Dec 6, 2000 Detailed Charts of the Tracking Polls for the U.S. Presidential Election 2000   

October 25, 2000 TSE Plummet Predicted 5 Days Ago by Ion Scientist

October 22, 2000 How to Verify the SuperForce.com Forecasts have not been changed or modified after being posted

September 21,2000 Special Olympic Report: Secret Russian Sports Weapon Disclosed Internet Wire & Internet News Bureau

August 18, 2000 Did You Know That; (Interesting Facts updated weekly)

August 10, 2000: Financial World Shocked As Stock Market Patterns Revealed By SuperForce.com (This story was picked up by MSNBC, Hoovers, CNNfn, Bloomberg, Anderson Consulting, GO.COM...) Internet Wire

August 1, 2000: SuperForce.com able to predict Baseball Players Performance Internet Wire

July 27, 2000:  Scientist Able To Predict Stock Markets Internet Wire

July 5, 2000: Six month review of the SuperForce.com site and the claims that the Ion Ratio Forecast which is given in advance of the week on the site, can forecast with some accuracy the Stock Market performance ahead of time.

May 1, 2000: Internet News Bureau: Scientist Forecasts Stock Market Indexes with 80%-Plus Accuracy

March 24, 2000: Internet News Bureau Worlds First Trillionaire?

March 7, 2000: Internet News Bureau Biotech Company utilized B-2 Stealth Bomber Technology

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