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Did You Know That;
Guy Cramer, President of United Dynamics Corp. developer of the SuperForce Algorithm and inventor of the HyperStealth Passive Negative Ion Generator is the Grandson and former research assistant of the Inventor of the Walkie-Talkie.

Donald L. Hings, P.Eng, M.B.E., invented the Walkie-Talkie in 1942, which earned him the prestigious Member of British Empire Award. Mr. Hings filed over 80 patents including the electronic piano, he also invented the technology used for the DEW Line (Distant Early Warning Line) operated by NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) for over 30 years.

Cramer Awarded Global Recognition in the prestigious 'International WHO'S WHO' 

Guy Cramer, President of United Dynamics Corp. and HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp., (inventor of the Passive Negative Ion Generator and developer of the Algorithm) has been awarded membership and inclusion in the ‘International WHO'S WHO’ Book (2001).

International WHO'S WHO, features the lives and achievements of some of the most distinguished people from around the world, including all leading politicians and heads of state and reigning royal families. New additions last year included; actor Ben Affleck, singer Ricky Martin, tenor Andrea Bocelli, and Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer.

SuperForce QQQ Year 2000 Review 

The United Dynamics Corp. phantom portfolio using our monthly method on the QQQ (NASDAQ 100 index stock) has increased by +168.96% (non-compounded method) for the entire year of 2000. 

This consisted of 86 trades (172 total Buys / Sells and  Short Sells / Covers) 55 of the trades gained with the average gain per the 55 trades = +4.74%, whereas 31 trades lost for an average loss per the 31 trades of -2.96% .

Had we bought the QQQ on January 5th, held it throughout the year and then sold as of December 28th, we would have lost -28.56%

United Dynamics Corp. is getting Audited

This is not a company Audit, but an Audit of our algorithm

After the year 2000 is complete, United Dynamics Corp. (owner of the SuperForce Algorithm), is planning to have a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) audit the algorithm and trading method based on the algorithm which will verify the ability that the method outperforms most Stock Market Indexes.

United Dynamics Corp. which runs the site has a financial background based Board of Directors

The board has a Certified Financial Planner / former banker from Canada's largest Credit union, A former Stock Broker and Marketing Representative with Wood Gundy, A current Principal of a U.S. securities firm with 600 brokers and the former Vice President and chairman's council member of Donaldson Lufkin and Jenrette (DLJ)

A leading Israeli ion scientist found that over a 5 year period of treating more than 500 people with hyperthyroid, negative ionization cured over 45% of the cases
Negative Ion Generators have been used since 1956 on every submarine in the U.S. Navy and presently on every surface ship in the fleet. (Click Here) The U.S. Air Force has also studied Negative Ion effects and their studies concluded:

Negative Ions caused subjects to be more responsive and invigorated, with increase calmness, and stimulation. Negative Ions also reduce depression, irritability and tenseness. (Click Here)

Negative Ion Generators are used by some Hospitals to reduce pain.

85 percent of burn patients at Northeastern Hospital in Philadelphia don't need any pain medication after just ten minutes in a room equipped  with negative ion generators. Northeastern's Dr. Robert McGowan states, "Negative ions make burns dry out faster, heal faster and with less scarring. They also reduce the need for skin-grafting. They make the patient more optimistic. He sleeps better." (Click Here)

Negative Ions reduce Asthma, Bronchitis, and Hay Fever 

Oxford University found Negative Ion Generators noticeably improved 75% of Asthmatics; 76% of Bronchitis sufferers and 91% of Hay fever victims. (Click Here)

Negative Air Ionisation improves Memory and Attention in Learning-Disabled.

Double-blind testing concluded; Negative Ions enhanced performance of the order of 8.4% for the normals, 23.6% for the learning disabled and 54.8% for the mildly retarded. Source: Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology (Click Here)

Negative Ions Kill Harmful Bacteria

Bacteria die in the open air at rate of 23%, but adding a low dose of negative ions raised that to 78% while increasing the negative ions to 10,000 per cubic centimeter killed virtually all disease causing bacteria. (Click Here)

Increased Positive Ions Days Prior to Earthquakes could be cause for high numbers of pet cats that go missing.

Ionization is considered the most promising area of geophysics for earthquake prediction research at this time. (Click Here)

Positive Ions can Increase Accidents

Israeli insurance discovered traffic accidents could increase by 100% during positive ion winds. (Click Here)

Russia's Secret Sports Weapon has been Training with Negative Ions

Russian studies suggest an endurance level 10 times higher, 3 times the balance and twice the reaction time can be achieved when training with negative ions, The Olympic committee has never objected to negative ion training. (Click Here)

U.S. Presidential Election Held On The Wrong Day If You’re A Democrat has developed a method for forecasting human behavior based on the flow of ions in the air -- and things don't look good for Gore. (Click Here)

The B-2 Stealth Bomber absorbs up to 90% of incoming Radar by ionizing the skin of the aircraft.

The B-2 also ionizes the exhaust, lowering the heat signature by 800 times over normal exhaust temperatures. (Click Here)

Judges in Israel are more lenient on criminals if the crime was committed during increased positive ion wind conditions.

These periodic winds blow in from the desert are called the Sharav. University studies in Israel concluded increased positive ions can cause an increase in violent tendencies. (Click Here)

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