How to Verify the Forecasts have not been changed or modified after being posted:

One of the first comments we hear when people see the past accuracy of the Stock Markets vs. the Forecast on the site, "It's easy to change a graph to match the results after the fact."  However, with the modern technology of the Internet, anyone can quickly verify that the initial forecast graphs have not been changed or modified after the fact. 

You will need to have a Netscape browser to verify this: if you don't have Netscape you can download it from here: We have discovered that some recent versions of Netscape are not capable of verifying our data. We recommend version 3.01 as it is fairly quick to download. 

Open Netscape and then type into your address bar.

Once at the superforce site, then click the top left button Forecast Archive or paste this link into the address bar.

Now pick any historical link below which you want to verify.

As an example: I'll pick Jan 21-28, 2000 

The data was posted on Friday Feb 4th., but now you can verify it has not been modified or changed since Friday Feb 4th:

At the top of the Netscape browser there is a View button: click it and go down to Page Info (or Document Info in older versions) and click on that for another window to open.

In the Page Info (or Document Info) window you should see a number of image titles come up. Find the Image that is titled: and click on the image link. (all archive forecast images have IRF as part of the image title, all these images end with .gif)

All pertinent information on the image is given from the server including the last time the image was modified: In this case we find that the last time this image was modified was Friday, January 21, 2000 3:10:27 PM Local Time. Before the week in question occurred. If the Date given is Unknown you need a different version of Netscape. You can download version 3.01 which does work, directly from Netscape. 

Now that we can prove that the information has not been tamper with, you can go to the Stock Market archive: on the main page it is the button below the Forecast Archive on the top left called vs. Stock Markets and find the outcome of the same week. These charts in the Stock Market archive use the same data as applied in the initial forecast minus the weekends which you have now verified as predicted values.  

Because we can verify the archive images have not been modified after the fact, the archive images are considered Forwards Data which is very valuable in scientific analyst. This means that we can find individual stocks, indexes, crime rates, athletic  performance... we haven't yet looked at and still apply the historical data to our forecasts back to January 4th, 2000 without being accused of tweaking the forecast to match the outcome. 

One of the more popular questions we get is "Can you check previous years to see if the correlation still existed?"

The discovery that these same algorithms used now matched the Stock Indexes occurred  in 1995. However to go back to any year constitutes Backwards Data because we could not verify that we didn't tweak it to match the outcome. For this reason and the time involved in generating the algorithms we have refused to look at previous years.

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