Advanced May 2001 Premium Data (Forecasted Ion Ratio Peaks)


A sample of the data and format you will receive can be found here: Advanced September 2000 Data

The original week-long charts have now been added to the Premium monthly service and are emailed to subscribers every Friday for the upcoming week.

The forecast data on will still remain free. 

PayPal now available to quickly pay $39.95 USD for one month for the Advanced May 2001 Premium Data

United Dynamics Corp. Reserves the Right to discontinue this Advanced Data service at any time.  This is a Forecast and not guaranteed as actual Ion Ratio data. It should be treated as the same way a weather forecast is treated, advanced warning that is not always right. 

Payment Options below:

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To pay by check:

Due to past delays with the mail please email us if you send a check so we can email or fax the data to you ASAP (As Soon As Possible). 

The Check can be sent or couriered to:

United Dynamics Corp.
1335 Sutherland Ave.
Port Coquitlam, B.C.
Canada, V3B 7G7

With your Check, please specify a Fax Number or email address you would like us to send the Advanced May Data. 

Please don't send money for future months as we only currently offer this data on a month by month basis. 

This information is Copyright 2001 United Dynamics Corp. ( a Colorado corporation) All Rights Reserved. United Dynamics Corp. Reserves the Right to discontinue this service at any time.