Advanced January 2002 Premium Data (Forecasted Ion Ratio Peaks)


A sample of the data and format you will receive can be found here: Advanced September 2000 Data

The original week-long charts are no longer available to the Premium monthly service as that data is reserved for U.S. Federal Government and Department Of Defense C4I sources: Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence.

quickly pay $85.00 USD for one month for the Advanced January 2002 Premium Data

United Dynamics Corp. Reserves the Right to discontinue this Advanced Data service at any time.  This is a Forecast and not guaranteed as actual Ion Ratio data. It should be treated as the same way a weather forecast is treated, advanced warning that is not always right. 

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Please don't send money for future months as we only currently offer this data on a month by month basis. 

This information is Copyright 2001 United Dynamics Corp. ( a Colorado corporation) All Rights Reserved. United Dynamics Corp. Reserves the Right to discontinue this service at any time.